An afternoon in Ohrid

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Small things part 3

Sometimes I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit's hole into Wonderland. Everything here feels backwards. The hot water faucet is on the right instead of the left. Righty tighty and lefty loosey doesn't work here - it's the opposite. When you go into something, you don't pull the door out, you push it in. Things that look like light switches aren't. At least 3 times I've turned the boiler off instead of the bathroom light, and wondered why I have cold water and a bathroom light on. Small things like these have a funny impact - I have to be conscious of what I'm doing and can't operate automatically.

Two news items. First, I got a bicycle. Peace Corps keeps some for volunteers to use when they need them for work. Sadly, the one I got doesn't have working gears and is too small, so I feel a bit like my knees are in my chest whenever I use it. According to policy, we have to wear a helmet when we ride, which is a great idea for me! Every time I've used the bike I can hear people laugh as I go by, knees flailing up, helmet on, and legs a-pumping away! But it's better than nothing, and nice to be able to get out and ride at least a little.

Second, next week I'm heading to Turkey with a friend. I am very excited. I've seen so little of the world, and this is brand new territory! And it's related to Macedonia - the Ottoman Empire ruled Macedonia for 400 years! I promise I'll publish some pictures when I return!

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  1. What do you mean you have seen so little of the world?? I think you have done pretty good, considering I have never been to Europe or Hawaii. b