An afternoon in Ohrid

Saturday, March 6, 2010

After snowing all night, it's bright and sunny - so beautiful with the mountains covered with snow and the blue sky behind them. Monday is International Women's Day, which is a big deal here. People bring presents to all the women workers and in the town square there are booths set up selling the usual presents. This is the first time I've seen live plants sold, so I bought a couple to cheer up my apartment. But since people usually are buying presents for a multitude of people, what you see mostly are small artificial flower arrangements, toiletry items, bras and other lingerie, along with toys for the kids. A lot more women are out today, too. Usually it seems like Gostivar is populated mostly by men - there are always large groups of them hanging in the square and walking along the streets, but today on my walk I saw lots of Albanian women. They often walk in groups arm-in-arm, and in their long black coats and shameers from the back they looked like pods of penguins walking along.

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  1. We toasted International womens day at bookgroup at Mary's. The men in groups always amazes me! You see that here in the ethic sections of some cities. I guess we call it the Legion in this country. b