An afternoon in Ohrid

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot Time, Summer in the City

Hot Time, Summer in the City....Macedonia has hot, humid summers. The weather has been coming from the southwest and zaps my energy. When I go outside during the day, there are a few people on the streets, but not many, and when I return home, I'm soaking.
But at Night It's a Different Tale...Macedonians handle the weather by staying in most of the day. The minute it starts to cool off at night, though, everyone comes out. The streets are flooded with families and young people. A doughnut maker has a stand selling a basket of fresh donuts for about 75 cents, and another vendor sells hot roasted corn. In August, the Macedonian diaspora returns home. Suddenly there are large cars with EU license plates crowding the streets, and I start noticing tourists. 'Humph, they're not from here." It's not my country, but I do get possessive with this sudden onslaught of strangers.
"Go out, go out and find a girl".....It's wedding time. Although it probably means they'll live apart, now is the time when those working elsewhere get married. Everyday you hear drums, honking and gunfire or fireworks, and you know there's been another wedding. Weddings are 3 day events, and end with a large party in a special restaurant. But first, there are rituals the women go through, the men go through, the couple goes through - none of it in a mosque. Part of the nightly parade, too, are people looking for partners. Everyone walks the streets in groups, talking, meeting friends, and meeting each other. Today begins Ramadan, so I expect things will slow down, but I'll have to wait and see.
Spent the weekend in Ohrid again, and went to a concert where the cousin of a friend headlined. He's a jazz funk guitarist and vocalist, and lives now in NYC, just a block or so from Kacy. The concert was in the old Roman amphitheater in Ohrid, and we sat on ancient stone seats that have been there for centuries. Sitting close by was the President of Macedonia and his entourage - very little security, though dogs did sniff for bombs before he arrived. Back now in Gostivar, heading over to Luli's to plan the Harvest Festival....


  1. I have been waiting for a new installment and keep checking. Oh, that hot summer, I have on long pants and a sweatshirt. I feel like we have been robbed this year. Fresh Donuts, I want a bag of mini donuts from the Fair. The concert sounded like something I would enjoy. I love the idea of parading in the streets to find a man, marry them and they go away again to make money. Did I get that right?b

  2. Hi Candy --I've been wanting to post a comment for a long time, but the technology had changed, and I got all muddled on my end. I've SO enjoyed these -- did I tell you it's part of my Sunday morning routine? As always, you participate in everything to its utmost, and I'm so grateful that you're sharing that. The weddings sound very interesting -- especially since my son, Adam, just got married. I'll email soon with all the news, but was so happy I could post again, I just had to do it!! Try to stay cool. Love, Mona