An afternoon in Ohrid

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yesterday I went into Manhattan to walk along the new High Line Park. It was an old elevated train track that they were going to rip down until a group of NY'ers convinced them to turn it into a park instead. I thought it would be straight and narrow and look like an elevated bike path, but instead it was lovely. They've planted quite a few grasses, flowers and trees along the path which incorporates different levels and nooks and crannies. At one point there's an amphitheater that overlooks 10th Ave. You can sit and enjoy the comings and goings of the city. There are a few vendors up there, and lots of benches, tables and chairs, and lookouts along the route. You definitely get a different view of the city and get to appreciate the architecture of the old buildings as you walk along. A couple of weeks ago the NBC news featured some other sights you might see as you walk along - it goes right under a hotel and sometimes the open curtains reveal surprises - but on my walk all was proper.

One end of it is opposite the Chelsea Piers, which I've always wanted to check out, so I went down and crossed over. One of the bizarre things they have at the Piers is a golf club where people can come hit buckets of balls and practice their putting. There are four stories of driving range mats to hit off of, and you drive out onto one of the piers extending out into the Hudson that has huge nets hung from all sides. It looks so strange to walk to the end of the pier and see all these people, 4 stories high, hitting balls towards you! There's also a refitting business for huge yachts, a bowling alley, a brewery, and a skating rink there. It's one of the things I like about NY - there are some great places to just poke around in and there are always interesting things to see.

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